About Me

James’s story so far…

After doing a pointless degree, various boring office jobs and a bit of travel in between, I thought, what do I want to do with my life? Having experienced a working holiday visa in 3 countries (on my third) and travelled to 50 countries in between these stop gaps, I realised what it was! I want to inspire people to travel, share my current journey and talk about my interests. One of my friends when asked, barks that I am a ‘Professional Admin Worker’. I mean we laugh every time this comes up but after all this travel and with more to do, surely I can’t waste my life doing these jobs? So here I am on this journey, hoping to get to 100 countries and I want to share with people my stories as well as hear stories from others. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How do I intend to inspire people?

Through various channels I want to reach out to as many people as possible to get them on that plane…or boat. Every week I will be releasing a podcast covering every aspect of travel. This platform is designed to be casual, entertaining but brimming with information. I don’t want a boring Q&A on the best things to do in this place or the next place. I want content that is genuine, filled with adventure and has stories to be shared of the real life traveller. Alongside this, I will be dishing out some newsletters every week. If I can get one person who wasn’t considering travel to go and travel then I am doing my job!

Why am I doing this?

How many times do you hear ‘Ahh I would love to do that’ or ‘I am so jealous’!? With only one shot at life, people should explore many different cultures to enhance their wisdom. Getting to know local people will breathe a sense of belonging to the wider world and not to the confines of people’s home comforts. Even if you travel alone or with a group, there will be something to gain from an experience like that. I could go on forever but if you need help I want to help.

Why ‘Winging It’ on my podcast?

In life I have never ‘known’ what to do in terms of a career or where to go next, essentially I winging it from one year to the next. Very rarely do I know what I will be doing the same month a year later. A lot of people could you tell you what they are doing as they carry on with the same routine year in and year out. Honestly, I am anti social norms like get a career, get engaged, buy a house, get a dog, get married, get a second house and have kids. So many people settle for this routine lifestyle and to be honest a lot of people are happy with this, I am not. Potentially I could do any of those but I have no idea of where or when. So yep, winging it until the next thing comes along and time to make some positive changes going forward.

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